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Professional Upholstery Cleaners in San Jose, CA

Understands that regardless of whether you need your Silicon Valley office space to look fancy for new partners or you simply want to cut down on household allergens during the arid summers, keeping your upholstery immaculate is critical. We devote unfailing respect and care to each job we perform, so you can rely on us to make your building a better place to inhabit.

Sanjose Upholstery Cleaning Solution providers

Cleaning Services That Fit Your Needs

Messes are unique, and each type requires specialized treatment. San Jose CA upholstery cleaning services that fail to take the root cause of a mess into account often fail to deal with it effectively.

For example, the upholstery cleaners San Jose CA homes and businesses rely on after floods or severe water leaks must employ different methods than they would use for routine jobs. Major moisture disasters often result in the rampant growth of mold colonies. These microorganisms can cause nasty sour odors, stain valuable fabrics and even contribute to serious health issues, but by the time most people notice their presence, the damage is already done. Is your current upholstery cleaner thorough enough to detect the faint signs of mildew and eradicate them from their source?

Sample Service Options

In addition to being ready and willing to tailor our cleaning strategies to your requirements, we’re ready to work around your schedule and budget. To us, it doesn’t matter if you’re busy pitching ideas to venture capitalists or simply trying to juggle an armful of kids all day. We’ll accommodate your routine with rapid service and 24/7 emergency response, and we offer seasonal coupons year round.

Not enough time for an extensive restoration appointment? Don’t worry, because we offer free rug pickup and delivery. We’ll meet with you to collect your carpet, transport it to our warehouse, clean it and return it at your pleasure. Our company is local, so we’re always accessible in case your tough mess requires extra work, and it’s our unbroken policy to follow up just to ensure you’re satisfied.

Proof Of Excellence

Of course, we don’t expect you to simply accept our word for it. Although we’ve garnered tons of personal praise and accolades for the upholstery cleaning San Jose CA locals love, we’ve also earned the industry approval to prove our skill.

San Jose Carpet Cleaning is accredited by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) as well as the Restoration Sciences Academy (RSA). As a result, the methodologies and high-end equipment we use are vetted by the best in the field. Our work is just as good at passing San Jose safety inspections as it is at keeping your family as healthy as possible.

More Complete Upholstery Cleaning

San Jose Carpet Cleaning technicians are experts when it comes to cleaning furniture, tile, automobiles, grout, wood floors and delicate fabrics alike. We also provide essential support services such as duct sanitation and complete interior drying. We don’t just disinfect your furniture. That wouldn’t do the job to our satisfaction or yours. Instead, we provide sofa cleaning San Jose CA residents can count on to get rid of extant microbes and prevent them from returning.

How Our Products Will Benefit Your Home

We are a totally green company. This means we only clean with organic products. It is much safer to use materials that are non-toxic, especially if your home has pets or small children. The biggest benefit is that you receive clean rugs without compromising a clean environment.

Other companies use caustic chemicals that may leave behind terrible odors. This lowers your home’s indoor air quality. All of these dangerous substances enter your lungs and may lead to breathing difficulties, headaches or other problems. Green products contain no byproducts that have hazardous side effects. They are biodegradable as well.

Dealing With Microscopic Hazards

In order to mitigate unwanted moisture hazards, San Jose Carpet Cleaning staff applies special microbial cleaning techniques designed to eliminate the vast majority of sanitary concerns. We’re well versed in the level of repair needed to help your upholstery recover a high level of healthy cleanliness following a range of unfortunate occurrences, such as:

  Plumbing explosions or fixture overflows
  Storm drain breakages
  Tidal damage
  Roof damage and water incursion
  High-humidity mildew growth
  Excessive radiator and HVAC moisture

Healthier Cleaning Options

Unfortunately, many of the couch cleaners San Jose CA locals know of rely on overly harsh cleaning compounds. We, on the other hand, feel that it’s wrong to get rid of your mildew problems or allergens only to subject you to the taint of harsh cleaners in the process. Instead of choosing the lesser of two evils, San Jose Carpet Cleaning exclusively employs organic products designed to keep your newly sanitized properties safe for children, visitors and pets.

So how do we pack the punch needed to ensure our work eliminates contaminants without leaving toxic chemicals behind? Because we adapt the way we perform couch cleaning San Jose CA residents know that their mattresses, rugs and other items will stay immaculate longer. In addition to using tested organic products that have been vetted by industry leaders and restoration science experts,

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